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Marathon Trial 2024

This year, we're introducing a marathon option. As it's a trial run, entry spots are limited, and participants must provide evidence of their ability to complete the event in under four hours.

Please review these conditions carefully before participating in the Warrnambool Marathon. Your safety and adherence to these guidelines are of utmost importance. Enjoy the race! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Image by Robert Harkness

Course  Support

Course Familiarisation:

Participants are responsible for studying and understanding the event maps. Familiarise yourself with the course to ensure a smooth run.

Knowing the route well will help you follow the course accurately.

Limited Volunteers and Drink Stations:

For the first hour of the event -

  1. Due to logistical constraints, there will be minimal volunteers along the course.

  2. Drink stations will not be available. Participants should plan accordingly.

Image by Jeanne Rouillard

Qualification Required

  1. Participants must provide evidence of completing a marathon comfortably within 4 hours. This qualification event demonstrates their readiness for the Warrnambool Marathon.

  2. Failure to provide a qualifying time will result in automatic downgrading to the Half Marathon category.

  3. The decision on qualification is made by the WRF judge panel. Their decision is final and there will be no right to appeal.

  4. Standard event withdrawal and refund processes apply.


Cutoff Times

Cutoff times will be strictly enforced at several locations during the race.

Late finishers may not be allowed to continue beyond these points.

These cutoff times are applicable for all Sunday Events.

Cutoff time/locations:

  1. First Loop - 10:00am. Approximately 24 kms for Marathon

  2. Woolen Mill - 10:20am Approximately 35 kms for Marathon.

  3. Thunderpoint Carpark - 11:00am. Approximately 39 kms for the Marathon.

Participant Feedback and Survey

We encourage participants to actively contribute to the improvement of the Warrnambool Running Festival and the Marathon event.

After the race, you will be contacted to complete an extended online survey, focusing on marathon-specific aspects:

  • Crowd Experience: Share your thoughts on crowd support during the marathon. Did you find it motivating? Were there areas where more spectators would have been beneficial?

  • Course Hazards and Challenges: Identify any potential hazards or problem areas along the route.

  • Suggestions for Improvement: Provide constructive feedback on how we can enhance the overall marathon experience.

  • Enjoyment and Repeatability: Reflect on the event, the course, scenery and other aspects. Is there a suitable spectacle to attract repeat participants? Was there enough variety on the course? What could be improved to increase this?

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